Autocirc acquires leading French automotive recycling company to expand presence in Europe

Autocirc expands its presence in Europe with the acquisition of Caréco in Paris and Saint-Etienne. Caréco Group is a leading French network specialized in vehicle dismantling, recycling and second-hand trading. The purchase of their two end-of-life-vehicle centers in Paris and Saint-Etienne marks Autocirc’s entry into the French market and aligns with the company’s long-term goal of offering a more sustainable alternative to newly produced vehicle parts in Europe.

Caréco is present in 35 locations in France and dismantles around 150,000 cars per year. Their contribution towards circularity includes 15 000 engines put back into circulation each year and a stock of over 1,5 million spare car parts. The operations in Paris and Saint-Etienne made a combined turnover of 27M€ in 2022, making them among the most prominent in the group. Maxime Richaud – former owner together with founder Didier Richaud – retains his position as Managing Director for both Caréco in Paris and Saint-Etienne and will also take on the role as CEO of the newly established Autocirc France.

Maxime Richaud, CEO of Caréco Paris & St-Etienne and new Autocirc France, says:

“We are thrilled to be joining Autocirc. Their ambitious strategy for growth aligns with ours, and we see a strong opportunity for mutual growth. We have worked hard to build a solid reputation in the French market, and we are excited to bring our expertise and knowledge to a larger audience. Our combined resources within Autocirc will enable us to deliver even greater value to our customers and contribute to increased circularity in the car parts industry.”

Johan Livered, CEO of Autocirc, says:

“Our goal is to create a circular auto parts industry that minimizes waste and maximizes the availability of quality-assured automotive parts for the secondary market. We aim to transform the entire aftermarket in Europe. Our acquisition of Caréco in Paris and Saint-Etienne puts our name firmly on the European map and creates further opportunities to realize our ambitious strategy for a sustainable future.”

For more information, please contact:

Autocirc AB
Johan Livered, CEO
+46 727-16 46 66

Caréco Paris and St-Etienne
Maxime Richaud, CEO
+33 6 32 59 58 92

About Autocirc
Autocirc is working towards a circular transition in the automotive industry. We ensure that used car parts return to the roads again – or that materials and components can be used in completely different products and contexts. Autocirc was founded in 2019 and is growing rapidly. Today, the company has over 800 employees and operations in Sweden, Norway, Finland, the UK and France.

About Caréco Group

Caréco Group is a cooperative network that specializes in the dismantling and recycling of car parts. With operations spanning across 35 locations throughout France, Caréco dismantles approximately 150,000 car parts annually, making it a major contributor to the reuse and recycling of car parts within the industry. The car dismantlers in Paris and Saint-Etienne are among the largest with a combined turnover of €27 million in 2022.