Autocirc Annual & Sustainability Report 2022

On March 31 Autocirc proudly present its Annual & Sustainability Report for 2022.

2022 has been a year of growth. We have acquired 20 new companies, further strengthening our positions in Sweden, Norway and Finland. Aside from the acquisitions themselves, we are also moving forward with ambitious plans for the Norwegian market. The establishing of a new central warehouse near Oslo and the start up of two new dismantlers in Bergen and Tromsø will improve our logistics as well as the availability of spare car parts for our markets.

During the year and the first month of 2023, we completed our first platform acquisitions in Europe, specifically three dismantling companies in Germany and France. These acquisitions put our name firmly on the European map and represent the first steps towards establishing Autocirc as a leader in the European market.

As for our operating environment, we are seeing strong trends towards reuse in several markets. The debate on extending the life of products to save resources is more relevant than ever, and entirely consistent with our strategy. Our core offering is centered around maximizing the lifespan of car parts, and we’re pleased to see that more industries are embracing this approach. The shift towards reuse creates opportunities for our business, allowing us to expand our reach and impact.