The most important part is you.

The more of us that work together, the bigger our business circle becomes – and the greater the benefit to our joint business as well as for the environment and sustainability. Thanks to our size and breadth, we are the ideal partner for insurance companies that choose to work more with reused car parts.

Collaboration that creates synergies.

We offer a unique platform with access to interconnected industry professionals right across the Nordic region. Our collaborations not only mean development and more opportunities for those of us working within the Group, they also increase awareness and knowledge of Autocirc – and strengthen the brand’s position in the market. Above all, they provide security for our customers. One of our main goals is to maximise the extraction of parts and metals from cars involved in insurance cases before they are sent for destruction. Something we know leads to greater profitability – both financially and ecologically.

Join Autocirc.

Do you run a business that handles car parts in some manner? We’re always interested in meeting new people and discussing new collaborations. If you’re curious to know more – feel free to contact us via the form below.