Autocirc Interim Report for Q1 2023

On May 31 Autocirc proudly present its Interim Report for Q1 2023.

We have had a continuously strong market development in the first quarter of 2023, and we expect the demand for reused car parts to continue increasing. During this first quarter, we have had the pleasure of announcing five new companies as members of Autocirc. Furthermore, we also finalized the agreement with Nordic Capital as the new majority owner of Autocirc. This established a solid financial platform and the necessary capital for continued growth.

In addition to the growth achieved through acquisitions, we are now increasing our focus on organic growth by leveraging the synergies within our group of successful independent companies. We continue to follow through on our growth strategy and are ready to shift our focus towards Europe. We are confident in our organisation, which has continued to deliver impressive results despite a turbulent global operating environment.