Autocirc presenterar finansiell rapport för kvartal 4 2023

Together for change. The past year has seen us solidifying our presence in Europe – something which is also evident when summarizing the last quarter of 2023 and the initial months of 2024 . We have continued our expansion through several prominent acquisitions, but first and foremost we have formed new strategic partnerships and further increased the efficiency of our existing operations. It’s only when we work together that we can accomplish large-scale change in leading the auto parts industry towards a sustainable future.

The transition to a circular economy is paramount in overcoming the pressing challenges of resource scarcity, price volatility, and climate change. At Autocirc, we remain committed to leading the vehicle parts industry through this transformation. An increase in renovation rates across all sectors is of utmost importance and the integration of renovated parts into new production is a critical step towards achieving true circularity.

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Gunilla Andersson, CFO Autocirc Group
Phone: +46 (0)722 184736

Autocirc Interim report-23-Q4-240129