For a smarter car parts industry.

Autocirc is the hub of a circular business model.
Together with several independent operators, we minimise material waste and optimise the reuse of sustainable spare parts. A reusable concept for customers, partners and investors. And, not least, for the next generation.

Part of something greater

Local players with global environmental goals.

We bring together a number of companies in the used car parts market to form a shared business circle and enable a stable flow of sustainable spare parts. On a large scale.

Capacity for quantity.

Approximately 12,000 parts are required to build a car.
By reusing more parts from each end-of-life car, we are contributing to a massive change in the circular economy.

Our mission, together with our subsidiaries, is to optimise the reuse of car parts and create the conditions for a circular economy and a sustainable future.

– Johan Livered, CEO of Autocirc.

75% less CO2.

Choosing the right spare parts can make an incredible difference to our overall climate impact. Repairs that reuse parts reduce CO2 emissions by as much as 75% compared to using new parts, according to IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute.