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The climate in our hearts and minds

Sharpen our tools, speed up the conversion period and formulate tangible goals. According to Åsa Domeij, chairwoman of the Delegation for Circular Economy, this should be Sweden’s primary focus to reach the goals part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Transitioning to a circular economy is a crucial part of reaching these goals. During 2018, the Swedish government decided to establish a Delegation for Circular Economy. Their purpose is to lend support to initiatives focused on the adaptation of sustainable business practices. The Delegation is investing in projects that are leaving fossil-intensive and linear systems behind, and instead shifting their focus towards circular principles.

Staying one step ahead

So far, discussions regarding circular projects have, for the most part, focused on a product’s final stage – how to recycle and reuse it in the best possible way. Now however, more resources are being put into developing and supporting projects that are circular at the outset. Material selection, production and working procedures are areas that can be developed, improved and optimized according to more circular visions.

Currently, large investments are being made into the advancement of circular conversions. Among the initiatives is the North Bothnia Line, which will be a 270 km railway between Umeå and Luleå. But in order to increase the success rate for projects of this nature, we need a larger number of brave and knowledgeable innovators in the area of sustainability – that also know how to reach out to the public.

A push in the right direction
Sweden’s conversion into a circular economy is still in its early stages and at Autocirc, we are proud to be part of it. To us, it’s crucial that we keep circularity at the center of everything we do – now and in the future. In accordance with the 2030 Agenda, we will work to enable sustainable consumption and production – as well as keep fighting climate change, on a broad front. These goals are crucial to realise a conversion into a greener economy.

Autocirc wants to raise awareness and consciousness throughout our entire cooperation. Through constantly optimizing our processes and by developing our use of resources, we are furthering sustainable consumption. By reintroducing materials to the market as secondary raw materials, we enable a more sustainable production process.

A contemporary offering
The conversion pushes us to broaden our offering. Autocirc was founded with big goals and a clear vision for the future, all for the good of the environment. That is why we are focused on the entire chain of operations, viewed from several perspectives. And we look forward to developing our offering. With relevant analysis, engaging strategies and tangible goals we are challenging the linear system to change. We want to prove that it’s profitable and sustainable to invest in circularity. And we will get there – with a great deal of passion and a transparent way of working.

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