Why reinvent the wheel?

Our working model means that more car parts enter the used car parts market instead of simply being scrapped. This reduces both the amount of waste and the need for new production. The parts and sections that cannot be reused are converted into secondary raw materials – with new purposes and functions in the production cycle. By creating a business circle that reuses and extends the life of used parts, we can keep as many car parts as possible in circulation, thus ensuring they have an optimal service life in the market.

We repeat ourselves. Again and again. And the world is getting better every time.

A friction-free flow and optimised value creation throughout the value chain – our circular business model reuses and recovers large volumes of car parts through a coordinated cycle.

Sustainability is a small matter.

Sustainability work is a big part of our core business – and the most important pillar in our agenda. We contribute to fulfilling numbers 12 and 13 of the UN’s global sustainability goals, which relate to ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns, as well as limiting climate change. By 2030, the amount of waste will be significantly reduced through preventive measures, reuse and recycling. When old car parts are given a new lease of life and leftover material is recycled and transformed into new products, a smart reuse cycle is created that minimises material waste and reduces the ecological footprint. Every part, no matter how small, counts. And our work for the future begins in the details.

A second-hand market as the first choice.

Repairing your car should not have to be based on new production. We ensure that you always have the opportunity to choose a better alternative.

Same road, same direction.

Ambition with a clear goal
Autocirc intends to be an aftermarket company in the automotive industry that focuses wholeheartedly on reuse and recycling. A unique platform in the car parts industry that enables a sustainable future by promoting the reuse of car parts, both as spare parts and as reused original parts in new manufacturing, and by creating better conditions for the reintroduction of secondary raw materials. We work to ensure that as many car parts as possible remain on the market as long as possible, and by creating a circle of companies that can handle different stages of an auto part’s lifespan, Autocirc can increase reuse and contribute to the development of the circular economy. The goal is to become the largest such player in Europe by 2025.

Code of Conduct
In order to ensure that our own and our suppliers’ operations are conducted in an ethical, socially responsible and sustainable way, we have developed a Code of Conduct. This guides, safeguards and defines the principles and standards for how we behave, how we conduct our business and how we interact with each other – internally and externally. Our Code of Conduct is structured around three areas: environmental responsibility, social responsibility and business ethics.

Whistleblowing service
Autocirc recognises the need for a whistleblower function, i.e. a way to communicate with the company concerning misconduct in subsidiaries and in the Group generally and that the reporting is anonymously.
To ensure anonymity for the whistleblower function we use an external partner, Whistle B. Follow the link below to get to the external whistleblower site. There you can find further information and choose more languages:
WhistleB, Whistleblowing Centre

We want to enable a sustainable future for our planet by promoting the use of reused car parts, both as spare parts and in new manufacturing.